Criminal & Civil Litigation Support

Our criminal and civil litigation consultants provide trusted legal expertise and guidance. Our experts are retired law enforcement personnel and paralegal professionals with extensive training in document review and legal support services.

We provide help with:

  • Evidence discovery
  • Expert witness selection and advice
  • Case investigations
  • Verification and documentation of evidence
  • Evidence custodianship
  • Fact finding

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Pre-employment Screening – Local & International

Pre-employment screening is a crucial component of the recruitment and potential onboarding process. Our investigators use modern and comprehensive screening methods to provide a profile summary of each applicant.

The expertise and international resources of the dames group enable our specialists to conduct thorough national and international background investigations:

  • We have access to over 800,000 established reliable information resources spanning 195 countries to quickly and legally verify documents and conduct authentic global searches.
  • Our researchers speak 35 languages in total and conduct over 50,000 searches a month.
  • We provide clients with a comprehensive online case management system for ordering online searches, onboarding candidates, uploading, downloading, and storing identification documentation and reports, making payments online, contacting customer support and more.

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Vendor Screening

Preserving your brand and reputation and protecting your financial and operational integrity also means being vigilant about the vendors and contractors you select. Our firm can complete this screening process effectively and expertly to help you make well-informed decisions based on certain minimum requirements. By carefully vetting each vendor/contractor, we can minimize your potential exposure to future risks and legal liabilities.

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Occupational Fraud & Abuse

Every operation is susceptible to occupational fraud and abuse. Where there are preventative gaps, the best and most effective course of action is investigations and detection. Operating discreetly, our highly trained fraud investigators will help you uncover fraudulent activities, abuse and other white collar crimes including:

  • Asset Misappropriations: “any scheme that involves the theft or misuse of an organization’s assets”
  • Corruption: “any scheme in which a person uses his or her influence in a business transaction to obtain an unauthorized benefit contrary to that person’s duty to his or her employer”
  • Fraudulent Financial Reporting: “falsification of an organization’s financial statements to make it appear more or less profitable.”

Our firm can also work with you to address vulnerabilities in your company through risk analysis, develop a collaborative mitigation plan and, if possible, a recovery strategy.

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Intellectual Property & Brand Protection Services

The protection of intellectual property remains paramount in the face of myriad threats. Our expanded network of global resources strengthens our capacity to provide services in the protection of brands, patents, trademarks and/or products using the latest technology. Our aim is to preserve the integrity of your ideas and creative expressions.

Our security services include:

  • Vendor license qualifications
  • Counterfeiting and product piracy
  • Trademark/Copyright design infringement
  • Cyber surveillance
  • Litigation support
  • IP global due diligence

We also offer online global brand and IP monitoring.

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Counter Measures Support

In this age of advanced technology, scanning for unauthorized listening and other surveillance devices is sometimes necessary to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of your operations.

No matter the location or circumstances, our firm can investigate for the presence of electronic “bugs” which you may not be able to detect otherwise including at these locations:

  • Corporate events in public places
  • Corporate executive board meetings
  • Potential new company location
  • Residential
  • Personal property i.e. cars, boats.

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