Consulting & Training Services

Delivering trusted expertise in security systems is not the only hallmark of the dames group. We listen intently to the needs of our clients in order to develop solutions that are tailored to your needs.

From the very first consultation, we work with you to determine the specific context, risks, potential vulnerabilities, and areas for enhancements. From individuals to public and private sector operations, executive, and corporate services, we use our knowledge strategically for your benefit.

Does your security team need to be re-trained on modern security modalities? Does your security system need to be upgraded for optimal performance to reflect industry best practices? The dames group offers comprehensive training to strengthen capabilities across a broad spectrum to meet the demands and complexities of a dynamic, global world from those that occur in physical spaces to others that are technology-based and materialize in the virtual and online world.

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We develop and implement preventative as well as risk reduction and mitigation strategies as core aspects of your mission. Our security solutions for law firms, insurance companies and related enterprises are predicated on protecting sensitive information, supporting the integrity of your services and providing professional investigative services.

It has never been easier for individuals and business to incorporate offshore entities and complex corporate structures for the expressed purpose of moving funds around the world and concealing assets.

Our firm has the knowledge, skills and experience to expertly investigate corruption, particularly complex matters, as well as asset tracing. Even if the trail extends to the region or the wider world, we have the advanced capabilities to uncover the information that you need.

In this era, it’s not a question of if there will be another crisis, but when. When you have the benefit of internationally trained experts, you can anticipate and prepare for the continuity of your operations no matter the circumstances and prevailing conditions.

We provide business continuity and crisis management services in the public and private sector for natural disasters, global calamities and cyber-attacks. We aim to get you beyond the crisis in the shortest possible time and we also help you adapt in preparation for any future disruptions.

You can ill afford to compromise the integrity of your cyber security in this age of digital breaches and attacks. Hackers are persistent, so we work twice as hard or your protection. This dynamic landscape requires skilled people guided by effective processes and backed by the strength of rigorous online systems to prevent, detect and nimbly respond to cyber security threats. We work with you to provide just the solution that you need for your operation.

Our trained cyber security professionals can provide maximum cyber protection mechanisms to minimize your risks and rapidly respond anywhere in the world. Our systems protect your confidential data and networks, perform comprehensive security audits and provide strengthened monitoring and enhanced prevention protocols.

Our firm can customize an integrated enterprise security solution.  We possess the capabilities to ensure that we can enhance your security posture with our enterprise enhancement methodology.

We can migrate your legacy infrastructure to a secure AI eco-driven systems including:

  • Building active intelligence
  • Securing data at all levels
  • Implementing zero trust policies
  • Harmonizing your digital work space

We also offer:

  • Email security
  • Web applications
  • Cloud security
  • Next generation antivirus
  • End point protection
  • Mobile security
  • Implementation of end to end SOC capabilities for large enterprises with mission critical systems monitoring

Fraud and money laundering activities in business and financial institutions are on the rise, but they remain incredibly difficult to prosecute. Thorough investigations are essential to provide prosecutable evidence of fraud, cyber-attacks or other white collar crimes like money laundering or terrorist financing in criminal or civil proceedings.

Our experienced team of global fraud investigators, cyber- and digital- forensic specialists, forensic accountants and surveillance operatives have the expertise that you need to bring closure to any matter.

Specific intelligence in the corporate and business sector can contribute to your success and help you gain a competitive advantage in the industry.  The dames group specializes in providing comprehensive intelligence and assessment reports to help you make informed decisions and keep you ahead of the competition.

We can provide you with an enhanced capacity in investigative software, analytic researchers, surveillance operatives and forensic accountants.

Sometimes it’s private citizens who require intelligence to make smart decisions. We provide trusted and discreet solutions and maintain confidentiality from engagement to conclusion. We also offer the added advantage of our regional and international networks.

Our firm is affiliated with International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS)-certified professionals. This enhances our capacity to provide expanded security systems and other solutions that are in compliance with international best standards and practices. Our security officers are capable of performing professional roles at port facilities and on national and international vessels.

Your reputation should be actively guarded, and protected and breaches require immediate action. Using our global network, we conduct comprehensive online monitoring, automated alerts for published information concerning our clients, their assets and interests.

We can take swift action to mitigate detrimental information and advise you on legal action, if necessary. Our team can also proactively create positive messaging to bolster your brand and reputation.

Our expert instructors provide on-site, specialized training for employees. The content, methodology, and materials are adapted to align with your operations and generate maximum results. We provide training in:

  • Employee awareness & safety
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Fire prevention, detection, suppression and survival
  • Defensive tactics and use of force policy
  • Health and safety
  • Report writing, logs and journals
  • Labor unrest

Are you establishing a new business or need to update your security policies and standard operating procedures? Then the dames group is the firm for you.

The world has changed and there are vastly different requirements in this new normal. Our team of experts and professionals work closely with you to create advanced systems and protocols that are based on international best standards and practices.

We provide professional polygraph examinations with experienced examiners on demand. We can customize the service that you desire, assessing the circumstances and factors in order to design a solution specifically for your needs.

Our collective experience and expertise provides a firm foundation for the management and oversight of various properties and enterprises – commercial, retail, industrial and residential.

Our broad suite of services includes:

  • Property management
  • Facility maintenance services
  • Administrative services
  • Security services (guarding, video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control systems)
  • Project management

We are experts in evaluating risks and threats to individuals and business as well as gathering pre-investment intelligence. Conducting security reviews and audits is vital to risk management and quality assurance. A comprehensive review yields critical information that can help identify gaps and prevent potentially devastating threats. Security audits ensure protocols and procedures are implemented correctly.

A one-size-fits-all approach is not the most effective approach. That is why our firm works with you to craft and implement tailored security solutions for your specific situation whether on a national or international level. Our commitment to supporting our clients in attaining their mission is exemplified in the quality of service that we provide.

We can offer a suite of security resources to protect your most valuable assets backed by our professional security team and implement a system that suits your unique situation. Our state-of-the art assets and technology will provide optimal security that you can rely on.

The dames group methodically crafts assessments based on a client’s specific vulnerabilities and needs to provide the highest measure of protection for people, property, intellectual property, reputation and other valuable assets.

We not only determine your risks but also provide short- and long-term mitigation and adaptation strategies based on your strategic vision and mission.

The knowledge transfer that we provide is also available for specialized areas with the aim of developing the capacity of individuals to help guide their organization’s security policies, protocols and procedures. Our teams of highly skilled instructors offer training in accordance with international best practices and the latest industry norms.

Areas of advanced training include:

  • Hospitality Security
  • Crisis Management
  • Confidentiality & Corruption
  • Terrorism
  • Cyber Crime
  • Executive & Personnel Protection for Security Professionals
  • Advance Security Preparation
  • Residential and Office Security
  • Command Post Operations
  • Prevention of Information Loss & Computer Crime
  • Managing Threats of Violence
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior
  • Surveillance/counter-surveillance
  • First Aid & CPR Training for Security Professionals
  • Meeting and Event Security
  • Forensic Document Techniques for Claims & Investigations
  • Civil & Criminal Investigations for Security Professionals
  • Loss Prevention
  • Hurricane Preparedness

Leverage the reach and utility of our expansive online resources to prevent and counteract cunning cybercrimes and other unscrupulous online behavior. We can conduct social media background investigations and character searches. We also have the capacity to use open source resources to gather key information from myriad sources related to criminal history, civil litigation, assets, business associations and other affiliations.

Our firm can also provide security monitoring and intelligence gathering for events, topics and locations, giving real-time reporting using:

  • Advanced search channel filters
  • Geo fencing with meta-data and geo tagging ability
  • Infra-red location tracking for relevant posts based on key words searches
  • Global awareness display for emerging global risks and data; events are plotted on the map and annotated with key details